The Book Contest Directory (BCD) is a place where book contests all over the blogosphere can be compiled into one neat list that everyone can bookmark and refer to.

In the navigation bar, you'll see that there is a page for International giveaways - these are open to everyone in the world.

There is also a page for US/Canada giveaways - these are ONLY open to residents of the US or Canada.
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How to submit a contest

1. First of all, check to see if the contest is already on the lists.

3. Or, send us a list of contests in the comments section below that you might be linking to in your sidebar. 

This is the format we post contests in. It would be greatly appreciated if all contest were listed in that format, because then we could directly copy and paste it in.

4. Please follow the BCD for regular updates. It would also be greatly appreciated if you mentioned the Book Contest Directory in any contest-related post on your blog.

5. Your contest will be posted as soon as it is verfied. 

How you could help
Become an admin:  
Furthermore, I would also like to invite anyone out there to become an admin of the BCD. Drop me an email if you're interested. I will add you as an editor, and what you would have to do is just help update the BCD with new contests that you find. We could also bounce around ideas for the BCD, and be friends. :)

In exchange, your blog could be linked in the sidebar, displayed in the blogroll on the right, or anything else you can think of. It's a voluntary job, and wouldn't require much effort, but would help a lot.

If you're graphics-savvy, help us by racking up a logo or button. That would be lovely!

Link to us:
Feel free to link to the Book Contest Directory in your sidebar or anywhere else on your blog.