About The Admins

Tina from Book Couture- I'm an Aussie girl with an unreasonable love of books.
I started the Book Contest Directory with the intention of promoting contests that other book bloggers are hosting, and giving others the chance to receive more books to read.
Like Amber, my wonderful co-mod, I also started my book blog recently to share my love of books with the blogosphere, and to meet other book lovers like myself. What I've found is a community of wonderfully supportive bloggers.

Amber from Down The Rabbit Hole- I started my first blog about two months ago with the purposes to meet other wonderful people who love books, to talk about the books I love, and about this crazy little thing called writing. I've been more than excited to find that there are people out there just like me! I joined on to help the wonderful Tina of Oz with this blog when she asked me to and have really enjoyed getting contests together to let everyone know about them. If you have an questions or would like to reach me for any reason you can at my e-mail: AmberInBlunderland@yahoo.com.